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Fine Italian Wine from Indigenous Grape Varietals

Salvia Bianca, Santa Rosa Wine Importers

As importers of fine Italian wine from southern and central Italy, Salvia Bianca Imports is proud to present distinctive autocthonous wines wines made from historic native grape varieities from the regions of Lazio, Marche, Campania, Basilicata, Abruzzo and Umbria.

We represent only vintners who respect not only the historical grapes but also the traditional winemaking techniques of their regions. The commitment to authenticity by our producers both in the vineyard and the winery allows the characteristic personality of the grape and the land to be fully expressed in these slow wines.

It was the heroic Greek mariners and other pre-Roman cultures who first conquered the wild lands of central and southern Italy. These early settlers planted many of the grapes still used today to make the artisan wines imported by Salvia Bianca. Their viticultural history survives through the tales of Homer and Ovid, and in the art left behind in their tombs and temples.

Several of these ancient varietals have faced extinction. But thanks to the efforts of dedicated producers and support from the Italian government, we can now taste something very much like the ancient Roman white Falernum, or open a bottle of the favorite red wine of the Caesars.

Salvia Bianca brings the finest of these native varietals to the growing number of American consumers who prefer wines of distinction that have a traditional presence at the Italian table.

Our award winning wines have been featured in the top Italian wine and food guides such as Gambero Rosso, Vini Buoni d'Italia, Vini Italiani di Luca Maroni, Expresso, Wine Spectator in America as well as winners at the International Wine Challenge in London. This year two were awarded Gambero Rosso's prestigious "Tre Bicchiere" for 2010.

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